Halloween 2018

Halloween night 2018.

 My 4 year old Victoria as Elsa, 10-year old Cecilia as a glamorous witch and 12 year old Luarde just put on some old clothes and a mask.

Halloween Night
Halloween Night

Just an example that every child has their own ideas of fun and sense of self. We as parents just need to let them be and encourage their creativity.

Why Art is so important to kids

Your little princess is making a mess with her brushes and paints. 
You take your camera out and start clicking away. She is so cute. But she is also exploring the world and learning about math, organization science and even improving her self-esteem. By counting paints and brushes she is learning about math and improving her fine motor skills.

As a parent do not worry about the mess just encourage this art time and watch from the outside making questions but not painting with the kids. Let the kid be the author. No need to give directions. Most important for the two of you, enjoy the moment. She is only a 
preschooler one time.